Why Visit ?

For much of its history Berleburg was the palace from which the reigning princes of Wittgenstein ran the day-to-day administration of their principality. Today it is a much-loved private home and one of the few castles in Germany that has been owned and lived in by the same family for almost eight hundred years.

Berleburg is rare; both a great survivor and a unique family home with a one-of-a-kind atmosphere…

Within its mighty walls Berleburg holds a visual treat from every century it has lived through; from 15th century frescoes and Baroque ceilings to its early-20th century Neo-Baroque Dining Hall. It is truly a fairy-tale castle. 
It is a castle where the past and present co-exist in harmony – a two-hundred room palace where rooms that were closed and locked over one hundred years ago live side by side with rooms that are used daily. 
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Berleburg houses a princely collection of furniture, and we offer a rare opportunity to visit a home where nearly everything in it was made expressly for the house. 
Our Park is a haven of peace and tranquillity whose basic layout has remained essentially unchanged since 1750.
At an altitude of 450 meters (1470 feet) and right in the heart of Germany’s most forested region, our Park has an unforgettable setting. If there is a more romantic park in all of Germany, we haven’t yet seen it! 
We have just kicked off a ten-year renovation and restoration project that encompasses both the palace and its park – the largest such project undertaken in over one hundred years. We are tremendously excited by this new journey and look forward to sharing our discoveries with you.
The castle is surrounded by one of Germany’s largest private forests. This hikers’ paradise is home to a rich and diverse ecosystem of wildlife and plants, a rough but beautiful landscape that has indelibly shaped this region’s culture and history.   
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With its fairy-tale castle and romantic park to explore, the Palace of Berleburg is a place where culture and nature combine to create a magical and interesting day out for everyone to enjoy.